A portfolio of videos to document and share our process and progress with the community.



Gallup MainStreet, Arts, & Cultural District awarded $800,000 for
Coal Avenue Commons from New Mexico MainStreet Program.


This video was used to showcase Gallup as an Arts & Cultural District in October 2013.  This will help connect you to where we have been and where we visioned our downtown heading. 

NEA Welcome Address

Jen Hughes, Director of Design and Creative Placemaking, National Endowment for the Arts, provides welcome address for the Coal Avenue Commons kick-off held at the El Morro Theatre, in downtown Gallup, on May 1, 2018.

Kick-off Event

Take a few minutes to watch the video from our Kick-off Event and get inspired, fired up, and ready to roll on the Coal Avenue Commons.


May ArtsCrawl where Bear Mescale, Muralist puts the community's wordle into full effect Gallup style.

Take ANother Look

Coal Avenue Commons spotlighted in the "Take Another Look" series about creative placemaking and City of Albuquerque GOVTV production on December 17, 2018.