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Time to Get the Money

Karl Lohmann (Gallup Legend) told me that he was part of the "GTM" club, and that acronym puzzled me, coming from a guy who swims in a world of alphabet soup. He explained that a long-time car dealer in Gallup dubbed him with this prestigious honor. It meant that he was in the "Get the Money" club, which translated into the fact that he could get money for projects and programs that were important to the future of Gallup. Think “Coffee is for Closers” from Glengarry Glen Ross.

Well -- boys and girls, it is time to get the money for Coal Avenue Commons.

We are off to a great start!

First, the project design is almost to 60%, which means we are close to "shovel-ready".

Second, the City prioritized this project in its Top 3 projects overall for funding and took it to the Legislature this Session. Our Legislators (Senator John Pinto, Representative Patty Lundstrom, Representative D. Wonda Johnson, and Senator George Munoz) worked together to appropriate $677,000 for the project.

Next, the City has committed $396,00 as local match to a $1.56M grant application to the NM Department of Transportation.

If secured, this leaves about $1M...time to "Get the Money"

Stay tuned.